Miss GinnyAnn’s Philosophy

As a dancer and dance teacher, I believe technique, creativity and artistry are equally significant in dance education. With training in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap and hip hop, I can offer students of all ages a wide variety of dance training. I believe a strong foundation in ballet technique will allow students to excel in most every style of dance. Creativity and exploration help dancers find their artistry, which sets them apart from everyone else. By combining these aspects into my teaching, my students have a solid foundation to achieve any goals they set.

            A great teacher has confidence, patience and compassion. They are knowledgeable and skilled in the style of dance they teach and are able to communicate well with their students. Teachers need to be able to relate with, listen to, and gain respect from their students. I enjoy learning about each students’ goals so I am able to help them get closer to reaching them each class. As a teacher, I strive to embody these characteristics and give my students the best learning experience possible.

My approach to teaching stems from the many different teachers I have had in the past. During my time in Texas A&M’s Dance Science Program I trained with teachers who made sure we were dancing safe and living healthy. Combining science with dance is beneficial to the way students learn and will lead to longer, healthier performance careers. My first approach when teaching is always kinesthetic and demonstrative. I believe offering students a visual representation of what a movement should look like is the best way to begin teaching. Because every child learns differently, I understand the importance in using auditory cues, imagery and visual examples. Verbal cues help keep students focused during combinations and imagery helps them visualize what it is they are trying to accomplish. With my personalized approach to teaching I can provide students with the learning experience best fit for them.

In the past few years I have practiced Yoga and Pilates as hobbies to accompany dance. Yoga and Pilates help students find proper alignment through core strengthening and flexibility; both of which are extremely important for dancers. Cross training with Yoga or Pilates has proven to be exceptionally beneficial to dancers, which is why I incorporate the two in my classes and encourage dancers to practice on their own.

It has been my goal for quite some time to have a studio of my own. Not all dancers wish to continue dancing after graduation or have professional careers, but I would like to give those who want to learn the opportunity with proper training and encouragement. I hope to share my passion for dance by giving my students a positive, wholesome and healthy dance environment to grow up in. So far, teaching has impacted my life in a huge way and I am excited for this new adventure.