Recital Breakdown – Costumes!

Costumes are one of the most exciting parts of a dance recital if you ask me! I LOVE watching little eyes light up when they put on their sparkling costumes! Below you will find our oh so detailed Costume Checklist. Use this sheet as a reference for Picture Day, Dress Rehearsal and Show Day. The video below shows you how to access it from anywhere at anytime!

Be sure you pay attention to not only the Class Name but also the CLASS TIME. We have multiple classes with the same name. Take a second to print or screenshot this sheet and HIGHLIGHT your dancer’s classes. The columns on the right will describe in detail what your costume looks like, which tights and shoes you are to wear (a new pair is required and can be purchased HERE), how your hair should be fixed as well as where your hair accessory should be placed (if any). You’ll also see a column that tells you whether or not you need earrings (clipped or pierced available HERE) and if there are any other accessories needed for your dance.

We hope this helps you prepare for Recital 2020! As always, if you have any questions, we’re happy to help!

– Miss GinnyAnn