Dress Code… What’s the point?

Have you ever wondered why there is a dress code for dance classes? After all, as long as they are moving and having fun why does it matter what they are wearing? Well, you’re right about one thing; dance is about having fun and enjoying movement as an art form! However, a dress code for class DOES actually matter… I’ll tell you why!

At Studio Seventeen we require students to follow a dress code in all classes; ballet being the most strict. A leotard and tights are required for most all of our classes. If students are wearing loose or baggy clothing, it makes it hard for the teacher to see their bodies and if they are in proper alignment (which is super important to achieve different skills). The dancer’s hair should be pulled back neatly in a bun (for ballet) or ponytail. If a dancer’s hair is hanging in their face, it becomes a distraction to them (especially the littles). A dancer’s attire should also fit well and comfortably. If a dancer is uncomfortable in what they are wearing it will most likely affect their dancing (usually they become more reserved and tend to mark things). Make sure they can jump around and stretch with ease and that the leotard stays in place while moving.

A dress code also gives students confidence and teaches them discipline. When they are dressed like dancers, they will feel like dancers and move like dancers. After all, you don’t see football players playing a game in jeans and a polo. It’s the same concept. Dress the part!

We have hand picked our assigned colors and styles to give you a fun and exciting assortment of dancewear! Starting at the Beginning Level, our dancers are required to wear their assigned color leotard for Ballet and Jazz. As you move up in the levels, the assigned colors change with you! This gives students something to look forward to at each new level.

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Studio Seventeen Dress Code